Your New Engineer is Working Too Many Hours

Here’s a scenario: You’re an engineering manager, and you’ve just hired a new junior developer or three, fresh out of college.
They aren’t producing much yet, but you know that’s ok.
They’re right out of college, after all.
It takes some time for new graduates to be productive the way you expect other engineers to be productive.

They don’t know that yet.

Consider the possibility that they aren’t working late because they’re ruthless and dedicated workers who only need exposure to your wisdom and experience to become a smashing success.
They’re working late because they’re worried that they’re not meeting expectations.
They know what everyone around them is producing, and they know they aren’t keeping up with that pace.
They’re trying to compensate with time.

You could let them do that until they burn out. But you could also tell them it’s almost 6:00 and they should go home.

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