Culture Fit is Easy! One Amazing Interview Question to Make Sure That New Hire Won’t Challenge the World View of Your White Male Staff

The decade of the twenty-teens is an exciting time for employers, and many are taking advantage of a hot new metric for judging the people around them: Culture Fit. But what does that mean to you and your organization? Lots of people have their own ideas, but most of them can be boiled down to a simple mission: Protect the status quo.

Here is one incredible question that will make it clear if you’re interviewing a ticking time bomb that could challenge your staff with new ideas at any moment.

What is one thing you believe that most people do not?

Their answer to this one magical question is everything you need to know. The ideal candidate should be able to separate themselves from the public, without distinguishing themselves from everyone they’re about to work with.

Over the years, I’ve asked this question countless times myself. Here are a few of my favorite answers:

Tech is a meritocracy.

It benefits me when my employees believe this.

MongoDB is web scale.

Spoken like a true web programmer.

Pie Jesu Domine.

Dona Eis Requiem.

Give this question a try during your next interview, and I guarantee you’ll be shocked by the results. In no time at all, your workplace will feel like the frat house of your 20s.

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