6 Easy Steps to Publishing the Perfect First Post for the Blog You’ll Abandon Next Month

Congratulations on your blog idea! Now you’ve made a WordPress account and reviewed every setting. You’ve bought a domain, set up Google AdSense, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel, installed all the plugins you’ll need, and picked a theme that really whipped your brand into shape. You’ll be basking in that minor internet celebrity status and telling your boss to take a hike in no time.

But there’s one last thing: The First Post. Even though you’re expressing your opinions to nobody yet, it’s also the first thing everyone will see, out there for anyone to read at a moment’s impulse. You’d better make a captivating first impression. Your career is riding on this.

Here are six steps to make sure your first post sets you up for all that sweet blog traffic.

1. Make sure your readers understand that this is the first post on a blog.

Don’t just jump into your content yet. Your readers want to see behind the scenes. Start from the beginning, with how you decided to start a blog, and go from there.

2. Tell us about the subject of your blog.

Remember that idea you had? Now’s the time. Unleash that sucker on the world! This will be the ticket out of office work for sure.

3. Schedule the post.

Not so fast on that Publish button! Schedule the launch of your new blog for tomorrow at noon. You can’t post immediately after you finish writing it, it’s 1:30am. Nobody’s awake! They all have work tomorrow, and so do you.

4. Add a countdown clock to the big launch.

Everybody loves a good launch. Build a landing page, and add a countdown timer to build excitement. You can do it with some free JavaScript from this Stack Overflow post: The simplest possible JavaScript countdown timer? [closed]

5. Post about it on Facebook.

Your friends and family will click on anything you make, so that should be some easy readership right there. Go for it.

6. Promise to update regularly.

Tell your readers when to come back for fresh content! You should be updating weekly, at least. Daily would be better, and if you spit out a dozen posts in the first 48 hours of being live, that momentum might just last you for the rest of the month.